CCTV Drain Surveys

If you’ve experienced problems with the drainage network at your property it might be worth having a detailed survey of it done. Our drainage engineers are equipped with CCTV cameras specifically designed for use in drainage systems.

Drain Unblocking Service

We know how stressful it is to have a blocked drain at your property. It’s why we aim to have one of our specialist drainage engineers to you quickly if your drain needs unblocking.

Clearing Blocked Toilets and Soil Pipes

We understand how stressful it is when a toilet in your property is blocked. That’s why we aim to have a specialist drainage engineer with you, wherever you are in London, to help clear the blockage as quickly as possible.

Clearing Blocked Sinks and Basins

There’s an endless list of websites that give advice on how to clear a blocked sink. Straightforward methods such as hot water, using a plunger, removing the U-bend beneath your sink and pouring chemical products into the drain are all very capable of clearing blockages.

Clearing Blocked Bath and Shower Drains

Slow draining or blocked shower and bath drains are a common problem that our drainage engineers are called on to resolve throughout London.

Blockages are most commonly caused by clumps of long, tangled hair mixed with grease from soap plus other debris and dirt. The build-up of lime scale can also reduce the flow of water draining from a bath or shower. This can add to blockage problems.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Taking up Planned Preventative Maintenance gives you a multitude of advantages because it’s our responsibility to make sure the right maintenance is carried out.

A plumbing or drainage issue is never something a business wants to deal with. Blocked drains and persistent leaks can be expensive to fix and lead to downtime and reduce the productivity of you and your team. However, untreated plumbing and drainage issues will only escalate and become more serious over time.

Plumbing and drainage problems that are not identified and resolved quickly can potentially lead to problems such as damage to walls and floors, mould, electrical faults and even structural damage that could put the health and safety of your employees at risk. That’s why, when it comes to managing your commercial plumbing and drainage needs, we recommend a programme of planned preventative maintenance (PPM). You may want to conduct Planned Preventative Maintenance during quieter periods of business so there is less impact on your day to day operations; we happily fit in with your schedule, nothing is too much trouble.

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