Clearing Blocked Toilets and Soil Pipes

Clearing Blocked Toilets and Soil Pipes

Will flushing clear a blockage?

A blockage in a toilet can happen as a result of either the build-up of multiple insoluble items that have been flushed down a toilet over a long period of time, or a large amount of material perhaps from just a single flush.

If you simply flush a full cistern of water into a toilet that appears to be blocked it could easily overflow. You’d be taking the risk that the weight of water in the toilet bowl will enough to clear the blockage.

To most people, the prospect of trying to clear a blocked toilet is not a pleasant one. Even if you have a plunger and a pair of rubber gloves at hand, it assumes the blockage is within the trap rather than further down the pipework or in the soil stack. Frequently, this is not the case.